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Match report 8/10/'17

Match report 8/10/'17

Varsseveld VR1

1 - 1

NSVV FC Kunde VR1 (zon)


Vrouwen, VR1, 2e klasse H


8 oktober 2017 12:00



Dames 1 faced stiff competition this weekend in the 2nd division as they took on Varsseveld VR1, but the ladies managed to hold their own and emerge from the game with a point following a late equaliser in the second half.
After a somewhat rocky pregame preparation - including some kleedkamer antics, a FIFA-worthy walk out, and narrowly avoiding an early goal from a early one-woman threat from a Varssenveld junior all-star - the real battle began.
The first half yielded no goals for either team, but it was clear Varssenveld were a formidable opponent. The second half saw more action and the home team took a 1-0 lead with a short range shot inside the box. Throughout the second half, hard work from the backline and the heroics of guest goalkeeper Lisa kept Kunde in the game in the face of sustained pressure from Varssenveld.
However, despite being a goal behind, the ladies of Kunde did not drop their heads, and picked up their energy for the remaining minutes of the half, with several promising attacks.
In the 90th minute of the game, chaos in the box saw the ball escape onto the waiting foot of defender Sara who didn’t hesitate to place a beautiful shot into the far corner, just out the reach of the Varssenveld goalkeeper, tying up the game in the nick of time.
Kunde very nearly made it 2-1 just minutes later with a ball across the goal finding Ilonka at the far post, whose shot was saved by the goalkeeper. Nevertheless, the ladies of Dames 1 were glad to return home with a point in hand from this weekend’s battle. 

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