Membership NSVV FC Kunde

Membership NSVV FC Kunde

Only for new members!

In which team are you currently playing? 

If yes, from when to when?

Comittees of FC Kunde
The board thinks it is in everybody’s interest that everyone does something for the club. This is possible at several ways:

The activities committee
This committee organizes activities every month on the first Wednesday of the month. You are one of the organizers of a great evening.

The sponsor committee
De sponsor committee is a group of active Kunde members who are looking for new sponsors for the club. .

The tournament committee
Every year around the month May/June we organize the legendary Kunde tournament. The tournament committee organizes the whole tournament.

The magazine committee
Every eight weeks the club magazine will be published. You have to gather team reports, write funny articles and make a nice layout.

The recruitment committee
Every year Kunde needs new members. You will think about actions that will enhance FC Kunde among all students in Nijmegen. During the introduction week you will attend the intro markets, sports day and of course in the evening the best parties!

As referee
Every football match needs a referee. If you sign up as referee you will lead occasionally a match.

As trainer/coach
Our teams (especially training teams) are trainer by our own. Do you think you like to train and/or coach a team, alone or with someone else please sign up and become a trainer/ coach at our club.

As assistent referee
Lots of our teams don’t have a assistant referee, however it will be nice to have one. Do you to like it to be an assistant referee then sign up!

At the time of registration, I agree to receive emails/messages from NSVV FC Kunde, which may also include direct marketing from sponsors of NSVV FC Kunde.

The following amounts are collected by direct debit: Contribution The contribution of € 86, - for competition members and € 70, - for training members, is debited annually in two installments. This takes into account the work actions, whether or not made. Activities registration fee: Every first Wednesday of the month there is a (voluntary) Kunde activity. For some activities we will ask for a personal contribution. This will be announced in advance. The names of those present are noted on that day. The total of activities attended in the previous period will then be written off at the depreciation times. Fines for yellow / red cards As stated in the house rules, members who receive a card must reimburse the fine themselves. By giving permission below, this fine can be collected automatically.

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